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This past Sunday, I was driving to church on the interstate.  I was praying and thanking God for the opportunity to play on the worship band  and just for the overall service.  As I was praying this, Out of the left corner of my eye I see a wolf (yes a wolf) come running across the road.  It slammed into the left corner of my vehicle.  I pulled over and the truck behind me pulled over as well to make sure I was ok (Thank You by the way).   The gentleman said, “That was a wolf that just hit you!”.  Obviously, I was a little confused and shaken about what just happened.  As I inspected my van, There was a huge hole ripped through the side where he hit me.  I made sure the van was safe to drive, then started down the road again.

As my thoughts went through my mind, I started thanking God that I wasn’t injured or no one around me wasn’t hurt as well!  There were cars all around me.  On the side and in back of me.  If I would have slammed on my brakes I would have been rear ended and not only myself, but others could have been injured.  If I would have swerved I could have lost control and hit the car next to me or had several cars involved.  The only choice there was to continue straight and on course.        

After I got home, I did a little research on Wolf/ wolves in the Bible.  The symbol of the wolf is, WolfA tendency to destroy God’s work.  How the enemy wants to destroy us!  Things will come at us, that’s a fact.  We must stay on course to what God has called us to do.  Don’t stop or swerve, this only takes us off course.  Stay in His Word, stay on your knees close to Him, Walk with others who lift you up.  Stay strong and Steady, Stay the course.  God has great things for YOU to do!

Life’s a Journey; Let’s Ride Together

Pastor Jim



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