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You are Uniquely His

By Pastor Jim | February 6, 2014

You are Uniquely His I went for a ride the other day, and as I was enjoying the view, the smells, and just plan riding, I looked down at my bike.  It was covered with a lot dust.  The weather has been pretty cold here in Tennessee and my bike has sat more than usual. …

Stay the Course:

By Pastor Jim | February 6, 2014

  This past Sunday, I was driving to church on the interstate.  I was praying and thanking God for the opportunity to play on the worship band  and just for the overall service.  As I was praying this, Out of the left corner of my eye I see a wolf (yes a wolf) come running…

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JBC Life

Mission Statement

Journey Biker Church will follow Jesus’ example to live the gospel, in the words we speak and by our lives actions - We will show God’s love.

Sacrificing to serve those who have been beaten up and think their lives don’t count.

JBC is here to say, “You matter to God - He knows you by name; and who sent us to find you.”


Pastor Jim O'Brien