With the decisions that this country is making and the chaos all around.  It’s easy to look at it all and be concerned.  We have to be careful that we don’t alienate people.  We must be Jesus to ALL people.  This doesn’t mean we agree with people and the sin!  We Love people as Christ does!  We must also remember that sin is sin to Jesus.  We can’t put sin in categories and think other people’s sin is worse than ours.  God hates ALL sin!  We can’t be surprised by what is happening though.  God isn’t!  It’s already been written!  Read Revelation!  God’s got this and He’s got You!  Stay close to Him.  We are in a battle, but not a battle to beat people up, but to be Jesus to people.  Yelling and screaming at people won’t work.  Loving them and being Jesus wins the war!

Pray for our Country and our leaders!