JBC is excited to announce our Biker Bench Program!  This program has a 2 fold mission.  

1st – Biker Bench’s help kids in schools who are looking for a friend, someone to connect with, make a friend.  When someone is sitting on the bench, it’s a signal to others, hey, that person wants to get involved, make some friends.  This will help kids connect in a society that is teaching children to disconnect with others.  

2nd – The money raised from supporting Biker Bench’s at JBC, then goes to benefit our 3rd Annual “Shop with a Biker” Program!  Shop with a Biker was established in 2019, The program is designed to take parents shopping for their children at Christmas, who would not be able to provide Christmas.  We, at JBC have parents fill out applications that we provide to school counselors.  The program is designated for families “IN NEED”.  On top of taking parents shoping, we provide wrapping paper, tape, everything needed to give the joy of Christmas to the families!  We also provide gift cards for Christmas dinner.  2020, we prided Christmas for 10 families and help our local Veteran’s association.  Our goal this year to to give the gift of Christmas to 20 families!  We need your help!!!!!

Buying a Biker Bench goes further than 1 person or 1 cause!  2 programs, helping multple families in our own Community!  Please help us to help others.  Giving a hand up, not out!

Biker Benches – (2 Colors) $500.00

Biker Bench – (hand painted Pinstriping) $600.00

Biker Bench – (Stencil) $600.00

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